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Petition by Yates

Petition by Yates

Text of Yates Petition

Republic of Texas County of Travis      

To The Honorable Chief Justice and Probate Judge of said County

The petition of Isaac L. Hill Administrator of the Estate of James Tylee late of the County of Austin deceased, respectfully sheweth that the said James Tylee during his lifetime , purchased of Jacob Ebberly of the County of Travis late deceased, one half of his headright of one league of land as appears by the will and memorandum of said James Tylee, a certified copy of which, is hereto annexed, and made part of this petition, and by the affidavits of Alexander Somerville and Isaac L. Hill, which are hereto annexed, and that said Ebberly died without having executed a title for said half league of land to the Estate of said Tylee, and that no letters of Administration have been taken out on said Estate of Jacob Ebberly, as your petitioner has been informed and your petitioner therefore prays your Honor to appoint some discreet person as administrator of said Estate according to the law in such case made and (?), and to order and direct said Administrator to make a title for said land to your petitioner, and to grant such other further relief in the premises as to your Honor shall deem just and right, and your petitioner will ever pray &C.

AJ. Yates
Atty for IL. Hill

Clerk’s Note:  (This is our interpretation of the handwriting and therefore a more exacting examination may find discrepancies.  Items in italics indicate that we were particularly uncertain of a particular word or name.)

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