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Memorandum to Ira R. Lewis

Memorandum to Ira R. Lewis

Text of Memorandum for Ira R. Lewis from James Tylee

(Endorsed on the envelope) "This packet contains the last will and "Testament of James Tylee , which I certify to be the original "Signed before me and the witnesses here named.
W Frayes Frampton             HC. Hudson
Jabez Brillion Capell             Joseph McAllister         Judge
William H. Steele                 John McMullen
Peter McHughes
John Carson

Memorandum for Ira R. Lewis from James Tylee

In case of my decease during my absence on the Campaign you will find the greatest proportion of my house hold furniture &c in the smoke house of Mr  Moses Bane which I have reserved for my own use to store them in.

In the upper left hand small drawer of my bureau, as you go into Mr. Bane’s house, you will find a large pocket book containing pretty much all the papers I have of importance, and a long narrow account book which contains a statement of what I owe, and what is owing to me; and a small book containing memorandums of different things among which you will find a list of articles which I have left in charge of Mr Bane, among which are a bureau (and) contents, table, bed, looking glass &c &c &c, I have likewise left  3 trunks containing clothing &c 1 double barrell gun.

Mr Bane is to pay me $72. for the place at the expiration of the year.

Mr Somerville holds a Bond of mine from Jacob Ebberly of Columbia, for the half league of land  No 6 Wilbirger’s Creek , near Bastrop, which I have paid said Ebberly for, and I put the Bond in Somervill’s hands for the purpose of obtaining the deed of the same from said Ebberly.

You will likewise find a certificate from Mr. Jack showing that I am entitled to draw a league of land in Austin’s Colony, in my large pocket book.

I intend to leave my property to Mrs. Martha Lee, a sister of mine, living in Peterborough  Canada, but in case of my death, I wish you immediately to notify my brother Mr Daniel E. Tylee, Cashier of the Bank for Savings No 41, Chambers Street New York, directing him to proceed in the readiest and best manner, to dispose of my property to the best advantage for her use or if advisable to hold on to it for a while until it may be done to the best advantage, or perhaps it would be better for him to come on to Texas and judge for himself in the matter, as I wish him to do all the business for her, the same as if it was his own.  It might be better perhaps for her to let the land lay awhile, as it would prove more valuable, of all which I wish you to advise him.  Yours &c &c James Tylee
In my Bond from James Lynch for the place

Mr. Bane now occupies of mine, which you will find in the large pocket book, you will perceive that he is bound to procure me a deed of the same whenever called upon so to do by me, which I wish you would get him to do as soon as you see him, (and) he can see Col. Austin, as Col. Austin may die, or some unforeseen accident may happen that may give me trouble to procure the same   Yours &c JT.  Please pay attention to this, as I consider it important to do so as soon as you can.  You will find my watch in the farthest off top drawer of my bureau, my bunch of keys in the middle top drawer, and another bunch of keys hanging up behind the looking glass.  JT.

San Felipe de Austin May 25th 1837.

To Thomas Barnett Esquire, Chief Justice of the County of Austin.  I transmit to you the last will and Testament of Mr. James Tylee, (and) his letter of instructions to me.  The old gentleman was killed at the Alamo de San Antonio de Bexar he has appointed me his Executor, but it is out of my power to act, and therefore I submit the whole matter to your Honor, (and) renounce all claim (and) right to the same I hope you will appoint some judicious person as executor with the will annexed, to carry into effect the old man’s requests.  Yours respectfully  Ira R. Lewis

Clerk’s Note:  (This is our interpretation of the handwriting and therefore a more exacting examination may find discrepancies.  Items in italics indicate that we were particularly uncertain of a particular word or name.) 

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