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2014 IACREOT Eagle Award

Travis County Clerk Elections Division is the 2014 Recipient of
the IACREOT Eagle Award for their “LifeVote” Election Day program.

Image: Group photo from event.
Pictured: Michael Winn (Elections Division Director), Karen Sheaffer (IACREOT President), Dana DeBeauvoir (Travis County Clerk), Michelle Parker (Elections Division Assistant Director), and Greg Brush (Eagle Award Committee Chair)

“Each year, the International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials & Treasurers (IACREOT) recognizes a member with the prestigious Eagle Award, based on an outstanding practice or program that demonstrates innovation and enriches public service. This year, the Travis County Clerk’s Office was the recipient of this award.

The Travis County Clerk Elections Division developed the “LifeVote Program” for Election Day as a real-time disaster recovery practice to ensure that outlying polling locations have an easy-to-access set of back-up voting equipment in the event of a disaster or malfunction. Since Austin, Texas boasts the 3rd worst traffic congestion in the country, the threat of not being able to quickly reach a polling place with back-up equipment during peak voting times, especially in a high volume election, is a real concern. Being prepared may sound simple. However, placing locked election equipment in the field requires extra security to ensure that the voting equipment can only be activated under the proper circumstances.

Thanks to the strategy developed by the “LifeVote Program,” these election judges have access to a critical piece of back-up equipment that can be put directly into service in a matter of minutes. Election workers can continue to process voters while a member of the team works via phone with the technical help desk to change out the malfunctioning unit with the “LifeVote Recovery Unit.” Crisis averted, and it’s smooth sailing ahead!”

LifeVote Logo. Dana would like to thank her entire staff with special thanks to Michael and Michelle for their innovative thinking.

Get more information on the Eagle Award at IACREOT.com Icon: This link will open in a new tab/window and will leave our website.

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