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Domestic Partnerships

Domestic Partnerships

Since 1993, the Travis County Clerk has accepted the filing of Domestic Partnership Agreements and maintains a Registry of Domestic Partnerships. A Domestic Partnership Agreement is a document that describes the legal rights and responsibilities between two individuals of any gender in a long-term relationship. These documents are used for a variety of purposes, for example, some employers use them to grant insurance and other benefits.

Please note that while the Travis County Clerk records Domestic Partnership Agreements, the State of Texas does not recognize marriage, civil unions, or domestic partnerships between individuals of the same gender.

Since a Domestic Partnership Agreement is a legal agreement, you may want to seek legal counsel to determine the content of your declaration. We have provided a sample of a possible agreement PDF. If you need assistance in finding legal services, please see our list of Legal Resources.

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Steps for Filing a Domestic Partnership Agreement

  1. Travis County Clerk’s Airport Boulevard location Travis County Clerk’s Airport Boulevard location (not the Travis County Courthouse) proof of identity and age. These may include an official copy of the applicant’s birth certificate, a driver’s license or state-issued identification card, or an approved document issued by Texas or another state, the United States, or a foreign government (i.e., passport, visa, military identification, etc.).

  2. At the Clerk’s Office, the couple can complete and submit the sample Declaration of Domestic Partnership PDF provided by our office or provide one of their own. The fee for filing a declaration is $26.00 for the first page and $4.00 for every additional page.

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