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Informal Marriages

Declarations of Informal Marriage

A couple may sign a Declaration of Informal Marriage (Texas Family Code, Subchapter E ). To be eligible for an informal license, both participants must be over 18. Applicants for informal marriages are asked to sign the following declaration and oath:

“I solemnly swear (or affirm) that we, the undersigned, are married to each other by virtue of the following facts: on or about (date) we agreed to be married, and after that date we lived together as husband and wife and in this state we represented to others that we were married. Since the date of marriage to the other party I have not been married to any other person. This declaration is true and the information in it which I have given is correct.”

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Steps in Obtaining a Declaration of Informal Marriage

  1. The couple must bring the following to the Travis County Clerk’s Airport Boulevard location (not the Travis County Courthouse):

    • Proof of identity and age using documents approved by state law. These may include an official copy of the applicant’s birth certificate, a driver’s license or state-issued identification card, or an approved document issued by Texas or another state, the United States, or a foreign government (i.e., passport, visa, military identification, etc.). For more proof of identity and age options, please call our office at (512) 854-9188.

    • The Social Security Number of each applicant (if the applicant has one). Applicants do not need to show a Social Security Card.
  2. At the Clerk’s Office, the couple will complete a Declaration of Informal Marriage License and pay the $46.00 fee. The Declaration of Informal Marriage will show the date the couple agreed to be married. The date can be the current date or any prior date the couple could legally marry.

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