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Assumed Name Certificates (DBAs)

Assumed Name Certificates (DBAs)

Each person who regularly conducts business or provides professional services and is not a corporation, limited partnership, or limited liability company in Travis County must file an Assumed Name Certificate with the County Clerk’s Office so that a record of the business is available.

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Downloadable Forms:

NOTE: If you click on the links above your browser will try to open them in its own viewer, this viewer may or may not allow you to fill them out digitally. Therefore we recommend right-clicking on the link(s) and downloading the files to your computer and opening them in Acrobat Reader. When opened in Acrobat Reader these files can be filled out digitally, however they will still need to be printed so that they can be signed and notarized.

When Should a DBA be Filed?

An assumed name (“DBA” or “Doing Business As”) certificate must be filed with the Travis County Clerk if a person:

  • Is regularly conducting business or rendering professional services or is maintaining a business or professional premises in Travis County, and

  • The business is a sole proprietorship, general partnership or joint venture, estate, real estate investment trust, or any other business entity not included in the list of businesses required to file with the Texas Secretary of State.

If an entity is conducting business or offering services as a corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, professional association, limited liability partnership, or foreign filing entity, an assumed name (DBA) certificate must be filed with the Texas Secretary of State as well as an assumed name certificate with the county clerk in the appropriate county. For more information on requirements for these business entities, please visit the Texas Secretary of State website .

An Assumed Name Certificate is valid for up to ten years from the date of the filing of the certificate, after which the certificate expires unless a renewal certificate is filed within six months prior to the expiration date. A registrant who has filed an assumed name certificate but no longer transacts business or provides professional services under the assumed name stated in the certificate may file a Certificate of Abandonment PDF.

Individuals starting a business may want to seek legal advice from an attorney. If you need assistance in finding legal services, please see our list of Legal Resources.

Steps to Register an Assumed Name (DBA) in Travis County

  1. Determine if the name you wish to use is available. It is your responsibility to fully investigate the name you wish to use, which may include more than a search of the records maintained by our office. You may visit our office to search Travis County DBA filings, or you may search using our online database . For a $10 fee, we will conduct a search of our records for you.

    Note: Failure to find a name in our records does not necessarily mean that the name is available. The Travis County Clerk accepts no responsibility for search parameters chosen by the applicant or the accuracy or completeness of searches performed.

  2. Complete the Assumed Name Records Certificate of Ownership for Unincorporated Business or Profession PDF, which is available as a PDF download or at the County Clerk’s Office.

  3. File the completed certificate with our office. All parties mentioned on the certificate need not be present for us to record the certificate. We will accept a certificate delivered in person, by mail, by carrier, or (in some cases) via eRecording. If you wish to have a signature acknowledged by our office, the signer must be present to sign.

    Assumed Name Certificates must be either notarized or acknowledged before they can be filed. While we cannot provide notary services, we can officially acknowledge the certificate. There is a $2.00 charge for this service and the signer must be present. We will only acknowledge certificates provided by our office, not those generated by customers.

  4. Pay the filing fee of $23.00 plus $0.50 for each owner and business name on the form. (For example, a single owner filing a single business name would pay $24.00 ($23.00 for the fee + $0.50 for the owner’s name + $0.50 for the business name).

Note: We accept cashier’s checks, money orders, checks, credit cards, and cash. Make any checks and/or money orders payable to "Travis County Clerk".

What Happens After I File?

A few days after your filing, your original will be mailed back to you. You must file a new certificate if any of the information on the original changes during the next ten years. If you are still using the business name ten years after your filing date, you must file a new certificate within six months of the expiration of the original certificate.

Abandoning an Assumed Name in Travis County

If you discontinue using the business name, you may file a certificate of abandonment PDF. Complete the Certificate of Abandonment of Use of Assumed Business or Professional Name, which is available as a download or at the County Clerk’s Office. Then file the completed certificate with our office in person, by mail, by carrier, or (in some cases) via eRecording.

New Business Resource Links

The Travis County Clerk’s Office provides the below links as optional resources for those wishing to learn more about conducting business in Texas. This list is provided as a courtesy and is not intended to endorse any particular resource or to serve as a complete list of the resources available.

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