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Locate a Document

Currently Civil and Misdemeanor record searches are incomplete. We are aware and working on the problem. Thanks for your patience.

Locate a Document

The Travis County Clerk’s Office is continuously working to increase the amount of information that is available online. Some information, however, is stored on microfilm or on paper and is only available directly from our office. The following chart shows generally what information is online.

Record Type Indexes or
Case Data Online*
Date Range of Redacted
Documents Online**



Mid 1980’s to present


January 1981 to present

Documents not online


June 1986 to present

December 2005 to present


July 1992 to present

November 2009 to present

Indexes list the basic information about the document.
Redacted images are those that have had personal identifiers (such as Social Security Numbers) blocked from public view.

Search Online Misdemeanor Case Data

NOTE: Court case data is updated every 24 hours. It takes about 72 hours for newly filed document images to appear online.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

If you cannot locate a document, please call our office at (512) 854-9188, or email the division with the record you are looking for:

Official public records, property, marriage licenses

[email protected]
Civil lawsuits

[email protected]
Probate and guardianship cases

[email protected]
Misdemeanor criminal cases

[email protected]
Election information

[email protected]

Let Us Do the Research For You!

We can search the County Clerk’s records and prepare copies of documents for you. For information on our services and costs, see our Request a Clerk Search page.

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