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What's on the Ballot?

What’s on the Ballot?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 - Presidential Joint General and Special Elections

Early Voting starts Monday, October 24, 2016 and ends Friday, November 4, 2016.

Your Personal Ballot (located at www.VoteTravis.com)

This site uses your voter registration information to display the specific elections and races that you are eligible to vote for in the upcoming election period. It also tells you the polling locations closest to your residence or any other address you would like to enter. You will need to enter your Last Name and Birth Date, or Voter Unique Identification (VUID) to see your personalized information.

Accessible Ballot (by Democracy Live)

This site allows you to mark your sample ballot on-line and print it for your own reference.

These ballots show all of the elections and races occurring throughout Travis County for the upcoming election period.

  • Cities and Schools Sample Ballot

  • General Sample Ballot

  • Other Jurisdictions Sample Ballot

  • Pflugerville Sample Ballot

    On the Sample Ballot for All of Travis County, you may see:

    Precinct numbers after some of the races

    For national, state, and county races, the ballot you receive when you vote is determined by the precinct where you are registered to vote. Some races appear on all Travis County ballots while others only appear on the precinct ballots that are within a specific district. For example, everyone may see the statewide race for governor on their ballot, but only certain residents will see the race for District 47 State Representative.

You may check your voter registration status and find the list of districts and local entities that you are eligible to vote for at www.votetravis.com .

View Sample Ballots from Previous Elections

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