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Student Voters

Student Voters

With one of the largest student populations in a single county within Texas, the Travis County Clerk is committed to providing a supportive environment for busy students who want to make sure their voice is heard at the ballot box.

Voter Registration

A student can choose to register to vote in the county where their college or university is located or in the county of their parents’ home. You cannot be registered in both places. If you would like to register to vote in Travis County, the Voter Registration Office can provide you with the information and form you need.

If You ARE Registered to Vote in Travis County?

Registered voters of Travis County can vote at any of our early voting, early mobile voting, or election day locations. Check our website before each election, since we often have an early or mobile voting location at or near most college campuses.

If You ARE NOT Registered to Vote in Travis County?

If you are registered to vote outside of Travis County and cannot make it home in time to vote in an election, you may be able to vote by mail. To do so, you will need to contact the local official that conducts elections in the county where you are registered. If your primary address is in Texas, contact the Texas Secretary of State at (512) 463-5650 or view their website for more information.

Consider Working at the Polls!

If you are a registered voter of Travis County, we encourage you to consider working as an election worker at the polls. These part-time temporary positions often have dates and hours compatible with a student’s busy calendar. So, be a part of the democratic process and earn money all at the same time by calling us at (512) 238-VOTE (8683) or (512) 854-4996 or email us at [email protected].

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