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About Protective Orders

Protective Orders

Our office gives the processing of protective orders top priority. If you have been the victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking, we strongly encourage you to contact the Travis County Attorney’s Office at (512) 854-4163. Listed below are some of the other resources available to you. You are not alone. These are people who understand what you are going through, can listen to your concerns, and can help you find answers. 

If you need assistance in finding other legal services, please see our list of Legal Resources.

Additional Resources

Texas Advocacy Project

The Texas Advocacy Project offers a Pro Se Protective Order packet and other documents in both English and Spanish. They also operate three statewide toll-free legal hotlines:

Family Violence Legal Hotline
(800) 374-HOPE (Statewide)
(512) 476-5770 (in Austin)

Family Law Hotline
(800) 777-FAIR (Statewide)
(512) 476-1866 (In Austin)

Sexual Assault Legal Hotline
(888) 296-safe (Statewide)
(512) 225-9290 (In Austin)


SafePlace is a partnership between the Center for Battered Women and the Austin Rape Crisis Center and serves as a clearinghouse for information on family violence and sexual assault. It contains local, national, and international resources focusing on family violence and sexual assault.

The site includes an information sheet for accessing materials from the lending library and order forms for training materials on personal safety for individuals with disabilities.

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